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Results Dog Show June 19, 2011 in Murom
Written by DoberMAN   
Wednesday, 28 December 2011 22:22

June 19 in Murom held National Dog Show, once again boast the successful results of our pets:

Belgian Griffons
Neibades Bambo Bu Blossom - JCAC,
New Viktorios Star ot Bella Mafia - JCAC , BOB - great congratulations to her owners - Sasha and Dasha and Larissa!

Airon end Stoun Favn - CAC, CHRFWD,
Nettl Greit Enigma Eniya et Bella Mafia - JCAC , BOB - huge congratulations to Olga Danyaevoy, in spite of great tragedy occurred at the dacha of Olga, she was able to send Roxy with us to the show!
And finally - Brussels Griffon - Grif Del Mari Invinsibl' ot Bella Mafia - JCAC, BOB, Best Junior Exhibitions, Best Dog 9 groups, 2nd place in the BIS show!!! And this in 11 months!!!
Given the fact that very often Griffons win Best, as a group of nine very numerous, and subject to heavy rain which poured down in torrents during all Best - Melissa has surpassed all my expectations on the outcome of the exhibition.


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