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Российская Кинологическая Федерация

Our kennel offers you
puppies following breeds:

Belgian Shepherd gryunendal and Griffons all varieties and colors.

Kennel owner has Zooengineering education, so all breeding pairs are selected experienced livestock expert, taking into account the origin of the genetic potential and the anatomical features of the dogs. All manufacturers are test-check of the nervous system. All dogs are under the supervision of a veterinarian.
Our puppies are grown on professional feed in clean natural environment.
purchasing our puppy you buy a dog with a strong nervous system of guaranteed good health and good character.
Do not miss your chance to find yourself a trusted friend and companion that will always delight you with its beauty and charm that will never betray and always be happy to be with you!

We bring to your attention the puppies
of our new litters:

Enjoy an excellent show-boy
Ya tvoy kumir ot Bella Mafia

Date of Birth: 30.01.11
OVN 224

Father: Cayafa's Earl (Walliants Yeah Man + Cayafa's Tiona)

Breed: Brussels Griffon
Titles: Junior Champion of Russia, Junior Champion of Belarus, winner of the Club, Club, Russian Champion, Ukrainian Champion, Grand Champion of Ukraine, Moldavian Champion, Grand Champion of Moldova.


Mother: Ovacziya ot Bella Mafia (Stad of Heven Camelot + Charovnicza)

Breed: Belgian Griffon
Titles: Junior Champion of Russia, Champion of Russia, Club Champion, 4xCCC, Grand Champion of Russia, Belarus, Grand Champion of Belarus, Ukraine Champion, Grand Champion of Ukraine, 3xCACIB.


Are recorded on the new litters:

Iron N'Stone Fawn + Neibades Bamboo Bu
(boys and girls, redheads, d/b 03.04.11)

Mits Hell Rebel Kenti ot Bella Mafia + Neibades Bamboo Bu
(Expect puppies tan)


Invited nearly adult black and tan male
show class (socialized, took a course of ground handling)

Ultimate chois ot Bella Mafia
Breed: brabant
Date of Birth: 30.06.2010
OVN 193

Father: Amulet s bol'shogo sampsoniya (Union Grif Polina + Beauwiev Sunshiney Day)

Breed: Brabant
Titles: Winner of the NCB, 3xCCC, Club Champion, Young Champion Russia, Champion Russia, Grand Champion of Russia, Belarus, Grand Champion of Belarus, Ukraine Champion, Grand Champion of Ukraine, Moldavian Champion, Grand Champion of Moldova, 3xCACIB, 3xRCACIB, Multi CAC, Multi BOB.


Mother: Enigma Elvenblad (Priz Fortuny + Azartnaya Igrushka)

Breed: Brussels Griffon




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brussels-griffon-melissa-best-specialty-show August 13, 2011 in Yaroslavl held Specialty Show Club Winner, examination conducted Revaz Revazovich Khomasuridze. Brussels Griffon - GRIF DEL MARI INVINSIBLE FROM BELLA MAFIA - Best Junior, Junior Club Winner ,...
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